How can I check on Toby’s availability for our event?  Visit the booking page to make an inquiry for your event date or to explore availability.

Where can I get information on speaking fees?   Please visit the “plan an event” page and submit a query.  Events are priced individually and fees vary based on type of event, audience size, the technology required for the event, and how the event fits into Toby’s travel schedule.  email events@tobygroves.com  or request a phone call using the contact page.

Who do I contact for press/interview requests?  Please use the contact page to submit your query.

I would like to obtain permission to reprint one of Toby’s articles in our publication.  Please email metathinking@tobygroves.com

I have an article topic idea.  Great, please email it to metathinking@tobygroves.com with your contact information

How can I attend one of Toby’s live events?  Most events are private, but some offer tickets to the public.  You can email us if you would like to be notified when an event will be in your area at events@tobygroves.com

My organization would like to be a sponsor for an event or webinar, who can I contact?  Please email events@tobygroves.com

Does Toby offer any other services?  On a limited, case-by-case basis Toby offers crisis management consultation for executive boards. Email toby@tobygroves.com for more information.