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Keynote sessions

Keynotes for professional audiences (mixed industry)

Powerful, unforgettable experiences. Audiences participate in interactive experiments that help them achieve breakthroughs in thinking. They will experience the discovery story and the surprising results from other events in their industry.

Keynotes for professional audiences (single industry)

Audiences for single industry keynotes will hear integrated technical content specific to their specialty. Interactive audience experiments will include specific industry content and stories are drawn from relevant industry research, events and news.

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Workshops – Accounting and Auditing

Internal audit, external audit, fraud investigation, compliance and risk management

Workshops tailored specifically for internal auditors, external auditors, fraud investigators, compliance and risk professionals.

CPAs, CFO’s and Accounting Professionals

Workshops specifically designed for CPAs, CFO’s and other accounting professionals in industry and government

Auditing – IT audit

Workshops containing content designed specifically for IT audit professionals including CIO’s, CTO’s and IT directors.

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Workshops – Banking, finance, lending and insurance


Content important for finance professionals, billing, factoring, financial advisors and financial analysts addressing critical thinking,fraud, risk management, data analysis, regulatory compliance, communication skills and governance.


Content for insurance professionals including topics addressing risk management, fraud, actuarial science and underwriting as well as operational issues including integrating new technologies, compliance, regulatory and financial reporting.

Banking and lending

Content for banking and lending professionals including fraud, risk management, data analysis, underwriting, regulatory compliance, and governance. Specific content related to mortgage banking.

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Workshops – HR, governance, change management and executive leadership

Change management

Content for change management professionals including topics on organizational culture, communications, and leading through change.

HR professionals

Content important for HR professionals including HR innovation, automation, communications, culture, employee selection and management, compliance, and risk management.

Governance and executive leadership

Content for executive leaders and governance officials including the science of organizational culture, communications, compliance, ethical leadership, and handling crises and other complex problems.

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Workshops – Legal professionals, investigators and law enforcement


Content important for judges including behavioral science, critical thinking and communicating complex information. Sessions address interpretation of contradictory evidence, assessing the validity and reliability of evidence and witnesses, and effective legal directions for juries, as well as advanced behavioral science related to communication with attorneys, law clerks and others.

Lawyers and other legal professionals

Content for lawyers and other legal professionals including communicating technical data, persuasive communication, forensic data analysis, ethics, and interpersonal psychology important for critical thinking and behavioral science relevant to witness credibility, plea negotiations and jury perception.

Investigators, law enforcement and intelligence analysts

Advanced behavioral science, critical thinking and data science related to pattern recognition, implicit and unconscious influence, interpretation of evidence including validity and reliability, dealing with contradictory evidence, and communicating complex information.

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Workshops – Marketing, communications and design professionals


Content for design professionals that design interactions for better user experience.


Behavioral science content for communication professionals, including a deeper understanding of how people think and process information.

Marketing professionals

Behavioral science for marketing professionals related to motivation, attention and belief.

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