I research new ways of thinking that have the power to spark cognitive breakthroughs.   I conduct unconventional events with live audiences of experts, engaging them in cognitive exercises that reveal the hidden influences affecting their thinking.  The process gives audiences the power to train themselves to discover counterintuitive solutions, and to connect to the deeper purpose of their work.   The results  are eye-opening and illustrate why real world outcomes often defy our most confident predictions.  These new approaches help high stakes decision makers achieve radical improvements in critical thinking and judgment.




At live events we use priming, implicit association, selective attention, and hypothesis testing tasks to tease out hidden thinking processes that surprise even the most experienced experts in their field.  The methods range from simple surveys to more complex experimental approaches.  Live brain imaging (EEG) demonstrations are featured at some events that give us a powerful way to understand the brain activity connected to the thinking processes we are examining.  The methods lead us through progressively deeper levels of awareness of hidden influences affecting our thinking. (Note: All activities are educational demonstrations unless specified otherwise.)

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There are times when we discover a new perspective that profoundly alters our understanding.  The facts may not have changed, but take on an entirely different meaning and offer a level of mental clarity we didn’t know existed.  MetaThinking is about those times, with articles that will challenge you to be a better thinker and provoke you to ask better questions.  

…his discussion is not only important to auditing and governance but every industry


Incredibly fascinating

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…mind boggling, and not just to the casual observer

UT Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management