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The “Untapped” series

“Untapped” provides experts the tools and inspiration to access their best thinking potential when it counts the most.

Ethics in The Real World

Ethical Intelligence

Bounded Ethicality: Exploring the Limits of Ethical Behavior

Best Intentions: Why You Fail to Do What’s Right

The Science of Ethics


Systems Thinking: How to See Connectedness

Auditthink: New Thinking Strategies for the Future of Audit

Patternicity: Seeing Patterns Others Don't

Critical Thinking Masterclass

Thinking Beyond Patterns: Finding Meaning in Your Data


Unconscious Bias: How Implicit Associations Hijack Your Judgement

Fraud & Investigations

The New Psychology of Fraud

The New Psychology of Professional Skepticism

Finding Fraud

CyberPsychology: Conquering Insider Threat


The Science of Great Leadership


The Art of the Interview

Advanced Communication and Public Speaking

Advanced Communication Skills

When the Facts Aren’t Enough: The Art of Communicating Complex Information

Social Immune Systems: The Science of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Data & Technology

Data Science and AI for Non-Data Scientists

CyberPsychology: Conquering Insider Threat